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Community Service.  We are interested in serving the community and the greater county through skills and means traditionally associated with ham operators: coordinating with emergency organizations and passing information as needed. Some of our members have also volunteered to work with ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) if or when called upon by that organization. 

We enjoy the technology that Ham radio provides and a bit of gab too, both on the radio and at our monthly no-host dinner meetings. You are welcome to attend any of our meetings. Please bring your spouse or significant other and children old enough to be interested in Ham radio. Other times, you can contact us on the air or via email.

Look through our website to learn what we are up to. This page and the  "news" page are most frequently updated. Because this website is relatively new, you will find some areas under construction. Please let us know if you have information we can pass on to other hams. 

We hope to see you soon and hear you sooner.

-- The Methow Valley Amateur Radio Club (MVARC)
   Board of Directors



MVARC Repeater support . . .

A quick look at the Repeater page will give you an idea of the scope of the work and money needed to support repeater coverage in our area. These repeaters offer hams extended reach with their radios in a large area of Okanogan County. 

One of the ways users can support this effort is by joining the Methow Valley Amateur Radio Club. The Membership page offers details. 

Another way users can support the repeaters is by direct donation. We understand that some users might not want to participate in club activities or join another club, but they still see the need to support the repeaters that they use. Those users can provide support by direct donation.

Donations . . . 

How much should users donate? MVARC has not set a specific amount. Other repeater groups such as the Spokane Repeater Group, which provides coverage over a large part of Central and Eastern Washington, asks users to contribute $50 per year. MVARC asks for the cost of membership: $20 individual or $30 family. If someone uses the system frequently or appreciates having the system as an emergency means of communication, a donation closer to $50 or even more would be greatly appreciated.

If one considers the monthly cost of cell phone service, a small donation for annual repeater coverage seems like a really good bargain.

Remember, these repeaters are open for use by any licensed ham and must be made available for any emergency or training as needed.

MVARC would like to thank you in advance for your support of our local repeater network. 

Help Out . . .


We would gladly accept a check. Send to:


P.O. Box 133
Twisp, WA 98856

Methow Valley Hams


Membership . . .

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Ham Radio, licensed or not. Dues are $20 per year (individual) or $30 per year per family. Individual lifetime membership dues are $150. Dues are waived for folks in Okanogan County who can't afford them. We simply want you to join us and expand your interest in Amateur Radio. 

We are seeking interested non-hams and will help you earn your "Ham Ticket" if you wish. We have several new hams as a result of our club forming in the Methow. We can now also provide testing services in the valley so local residents can earn their ham "ticket" without having to travel to Wenatchee.

To join MVARC, we need the following information:

Name (first last): 
City, State: 
Telephone (optional): 
Amount enclosed:   Individual - $20.00   Family - $30.00  Individual Lifetime - $150.00
Comments (optional): 

1. Please bring this information to our monthly meeting, or 
2. mail it to us with a check or money order to:
MVARC Membership
PO Box 133
Twisp WA 98856

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